A gravity-shooter

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Keep things running

You are a carebot. You keep things running - if that requires you to "take care" of hordes of enemies, so be it.

Weapons and Upgrades

Utilize an arsenal of weapons and upgrades - experiment with different combinations to compliment your playstyle.

The World

Handcrafted with love by sci-fi enthusiasts. Sometimes exploration will be the key to survival.

Local Co-op and PVP

Of course the experience wouldn't be complete without shooting your friends in the face with a rocket, or stealing some loot.

Carebotz is a gravity-shooter game

developed by Glasscannon, a small indie team, based in Budapest. Carebotz is in early development, we'll reveale more info about the game gradually. Meanwhile check out the video above, subscribe to the newsletter or contact us below, follow us wherever you want. You know what to do...


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