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twin-stick edition

Keep things running

You are Bibz a carebot. You keep things running - if that requires you to "take care" of hordes of enemies, so be it.

The World

Handcrafted with love by sci-fi enthusiasts. Sometimes exploration will be the key to survival.

Survival arena

Keep back enemies from the intrested points of the map, and ofc... survive it!

Weapons and Upgrades

Utilize an arsenal of weapons and upgrades - experiment with different combinations to compliment your playstyle.

What Happens When Classic Asteroids Meets Metroidvania?

Carebotz is a twin-stick arena shooter game spiced with metroidvania elements. You control BIBZ, a little maintenance droid. Collect the tons of blueprints, navigate the tight corridors, customize your toolset, learn to take advantage of gravity, upgrade, repair and encounter many different types of enemies! The journey is full of secrets, surprises. Discover the factory carefully as danger lurks everywhere, avoid deadly obstacles using your hover engine. The levels require investigation, and often patience and exploration are the key to survival.

Release on Nintendo Switch is cooming on 12/20/2021. Check out the video above, subscribe to the newsletter or contact me below, join my discord channel, follow me wherever and whenever, twitter, reddit, discord, dark alleys, you know the drill...

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